Elizabeth S. Sutherland, PsyD



General Psychological Fees

-Neuropsychological Evaluation, Hourly rate of $595/hour which consists of clinical interview, administration/testing, analyzing data/medical charts, report writing and/or extensive care management calls with other providers, families, attorneys etc.  If neuropsychological evaluation needed for expert witness services please see below.

-Individual psychotherapy, 50 minutes, $275

-Couples or Family therapy, 50 minutes, $275

-Transportation – Dr. Sutherland prefers to come see patient in his/her environment and/or family to be able to better serve the patient; fee includes toll if outside of Marin County; plus .58 cents per mile to/from destination; outside of Marin County charge of $30.

-Extended (over 5 minutes) phone contact, $5 per minute (e.g., patient, family members, other parties etc.)

-Document preparation for a third party, Varies (attorney, providers, etc.)

-Medical records handling/copying, $30 plus $1.15 per page for first 30 pages, $0.90/page thereafter

-Deposition, Courtroom Testimony and/or Expert Witness Services (including neuropsychological testing/evaluation etc.) - $695/hour.  Travel time if outside of Marin County will include flat charge of $30, toll fees, and .58 cents per mile to/from court proceedings.

-Fee for NSF (bounced) check, $35

-Appointment Missed, or Canceled, Full Appointment Fee without 48 hours notice


General Fees for Expertise with other Professional Business's

-Geropsychological / Neuropsychological Consultation TBD dependent on the situation  (Including, although not limited to, consultation, consents, analysis, administration, data collection, medical charts, report writing etc.)  

-Transportation TBD dependent on the situation (i.e., Marin County, outside of Marin County, outside of Bay Area etc.)


Fees are increased by approximately 3% a year starting on January 1st.  Please keep a copy of this for your records and signed intake form to acknowledge receipt of this consent. 

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